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Pronunciation: Paw – ra – te


If you are searching for a result driven group dog training course, you have found it! This is the highlight of All American K9 Academy.


What is Pawrate?

Pawrate is the first and only martial arts structured group dog training program in the world. Designed to bridge the gap of communication between dogs and their owners, Pawrate is taught by trainers with several decades of experience and those enrolled will learn how to properly communicate with their dogs.

You and your canine will train together as you advance through our 6-color leash system. You will be tested on the skills learned and advance as you demonstrate not only obedience but confidence.

You and your canine will be challenged mentally and physically while training in scenarios that are designed to replicate real-world environments. Discipline is a key component of Martial Arts, and all enrolled will be held to this standard.

So what does this program include?

White Leash (On Leash)

  • Proper use of training equipment 
  • Timing of praising and corecctions
  • Learning of basical leash control
  •  Pawrate form #1

Yellow Leash (On leash preparation for off leash work)

  • Understanding body language and warning signs
  • E-collar education
  • Loose leash walking
  • Pawrate form 2

Blue Leash (Off Leash Basics)

  • Dog Emergency response (First Aid, CPR, Break up dog fights, etc.)
  • Eligible to become Assistant Trainer
  • Pawrate form 3

Red Leash (Off Leash)

  • Side lateral restraint
  • Proper leash transfer
  • Pawrate form 4

Bodan Leash (Black leash preparation)

  • Knowledge of entire curriculum
  • Demonstrate skills learned off leash

Black Leash (No E-Collar use)

  • Certified by WPA as Black Leash
  • Hands free training 
  • Member of Black Leash Club
  • Pack walks
  • Pawrate form 5
  • Pawrate form 6
  • Eligible to become Trainer