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I highly recommend AAK9. Our GSD had transformed into a different dog, for the better. Before meeting Steve and team our dog couldn’t even look at another dog without freaking out, he was horrible on leash, and we were worried that this would be the rest of our lives. 6 months into training and we couldn’t be happier. We now get compliments on how well behaved and docile our dog is, we go to training weekly and not only receive the best training, but are able to work with other students and work outside of class. 10/10 Every time for AAK9.
Satisfied customer and their German Shephard
Luisa Vargas
All American K9 Academy offers the most comprehensive training for my family and our 2 dogs. They worked with myself, my partner, and my 2 teenage children to establish proper handling techniques, and enforce safety protocols. We have achieved communication and control of our beloved canine companions, in addition to the bond that continues to build with the trainings, group outings, and skill building exercises . We started with in home training, and have joined the Pawrate weekly group training sessions. We are grateful that trainers are able to design their training plan around each dog and can offer solutions for dogs one on one and in group settings.
Dog owner with their well trained Black Lab
Laura-Lee Lange
We are amazed at the progress that our one-year-old dog Chance has made after just a few lessons with Stephen! Chance struggled with walking on a leash and was very reactive to other dogs. We can now say he walks almost flawlessly and continues to improve with distractions on walks thanks to Stephen’s techniques. Dealing with strangers coming into the house was also hard for Chance, but once again, the K9 academy has taught us how to welcome guests without Chance getting upset. We would recommend All American K9 Academy to anyone looking for a better relationship with their dog filled with love and respect. Chance’s next step is the Pawrate program, and we couldn’t be happier to continue our training at the K9 academy!
Well-trained mixed terrier
Meghan McCormack
Working with AAK9 was the best decision I ever made with my dog, Bodhi. We tried a couple of other trainers prior to AAK9 that were treat based and my 1 year old lab was more focused on getting the treats than doing what I asked. With Stephen, he had Bodhi and I walking well together on a leash after the first visit. We now can do 3+ mile walks with no issues, even when passing other dogs. Bodhi used to get over excited and not be able to handle himself well when he passed dogs; he would drag me down the street with him. Now I have full control and we are both confident and not anxious on our walks. We have started Pawrate classes and are having such a fun time working together. I am learning confidence, and so is Bodhi. He has learned multiple commands without it even feeling like training. Every week we look forward to our classes, Bodhi knows when it’s Sunday and he flies down to the car for his ride to class. Stephen has made training with Bodhi a pleasure, not a chore. It’s given Bodhi and I such a tight bond and we are so excited to continue this training to the next levels for years to come.
Labrador Retriever
Jillian Hart Signoriello
I cannot put into words how happy I am with how our training has gone with AAK9, after our first at home session we went from a dog that would almost pull you down seeing another dog or squirrel, to a dog who heels right by your side. I said to my husband, I don't care if we don't learn anything else - the fact walking the dog is not a hassle anymore is more than worth the money - but yet we have thrived.
Gunner has gone from an unconfident rescue dog where we knew zero background, to a dog that lays down next to me in a coffee shop not caring that there are 15+ people around - looking for belly rubs from anyone who will pass by. Not only did our training sessions help us learn the skills we need for off leash hiking, it has taught us how to react properly when there are other dogs, how to greet small children, how to not rush at the door when some arrives and how to behave in public situations without making any sort of scene. I can't wait to see what the future has for us with this program, and love the community that Steve & the AAK9 team is building of dog owners who just want whats best for their K9 companions.
Happy dog owner with her black German Shepherd Staffie Pit bull
Lauren Barry
Master Medina and his Trainer Hannah have changed the way I handle, respond, react and most importantly, TRAIN my dog. Murph is our first Vizsla and I wanted to be sure that this “high performance” animal was given the proper home he REQUIRED as a family pet. Master Medina continues to guide us as Murph ages and, educates us on Murph’s “drive” while also establishing and maintaining control. At 7 months, my puppy runs besides me off leash (at home and in public) without waivering, responds to voice commands when in the yard, follows leash commands without the embarrassing tugging, and has accepted his role in our home as a “family memeber” but also as a dog. Master medina’s program is not for the lazy or weak minded. If you are NOT WILLING to follow his guidance and put in the work, this program is not for you. HOWEVER- if you want a non agressive animal, if you enjoy being complimented on your pet’s behavior in public, yearn for a dog that listens AND responds….. THIS PROGRAM IS YOUR SOLUTION. What are you waiting for? Put in the work, listen to Master Medina and Trainer Hannah and I PROMISE you’ll be asked in public how your puppy or dog is as impressive as he is! How do I know? Because I’m complimented every time I leave my house and it gives me the hunger to train more and harder!!!! The best is yet to come, training has no end!! 🐶🇺🇸
Murph, a Vizsla after training
Paul Diogo

A Program designed to teach owners how to properly train their k9's

Aggression Behavior Modification

  • lunging at the door
  • lunging at other dogs
  • lunging at people

At-Home Obedience Training

In this program our instructors train you to focus on stopping behavior common in dogs at this age at the peak of their adolescence. This is the age when owners typically lose control of their dog and get most frustrated. Behavioral problems at this point are starting to result in bites and dog fights. This is our specialty learning how to get your dog over their trials and overcome their insecurities is what this program is about. 

Group Class - Pawrate

Pawrate is a community of owners just like you who have taken the necessary steps to control their dog(s) and properly socialize them around experienced and trained owners and their dogs. Progressing thorough our color leash system teaching your dog(s) how to remain in control in a group setting on or off the leash no matter the distractions and earn the title of Black Leash.

Veterinary Visits

Appointments at veterinary clinics with our trainer that will ensure all procedures are given without, no bitting, and compliance without the need for sedation 

About Us

About Us

All American K9 Academy specializes in all breed dog and puppy training. We strive to provide owners with the training they need to overcome any obstacles the real world may throw at them. We offer in home basic obedience, group classes, and puppy training but we specialize in aggressive behavior modification. ​Schedule an appointment today and you’ll see results the same day!

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