How It Works

How To Get Started

How does our process work?

You are on step one: The inquiry. You are here on our website doing your due diligence to learn what we are all about. Thank you for visiting!

Once you decide this could be the training for you, now we need to evaluate you and your dog to make sure we can place you in the right program that best fits your needs.

All American K9 Academy is the leader in training for aggressive dogs. Therefore we classify our evaluations in two Categories.

1: Aggressive / Reactive

2: Non-Aggressive / Reactive (General Obedience)

1: Aggressive / Reactive

If we decided that your dog is  Aggressive / Reactive we will recommend that you enroll in our At-Home Training Program for private lessons. These lessons are custom tailored to you, your situation, lifestyle and your dog. Some dogs may require to be in a social environment with people and other dogs. At this point we will roll this program into our group training class at our facility.

2: Non-Aggressive / Reactive (General Obedience) 

If we decided that your dog is  Non-Aggressive / Reactive we will recommend that you enroll in our Group Training Class

Both avenues will lead to our Pawrate Group Training Class Program. 

So, What is Pawrate?

Pawrate is the first and only martial arts structured group dog training program in the world. Designed to bridge the gap of communication between dogs and their owners. 

You and your canine will train together as you advance through our 6-color leash system. You will be tested on the skills learned and advance as you demonstrate not only obedience but confidence.

You and your canine will be challenged mentally and physically while training in scenarios that are designed to replicate real-world environments.

The next step here is to click the link to fill out our contact form so we can set up a time to evaluate you and your dog.