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A program designed to teach owners how to properly train their K9’s.

Aggression Behavior Modification

A program specifically designed to train owners to gain control of the following behaviors:

Lunging at the door
Aggressive towards guests entering home
Protective / Lunging at people or dogs
Reactive on leash
Resource guarding

At-Home Obedience Training

A program designed to train all member of the household with private in-home instructions. Here are some of the many results from this program

  • Creating structure and routine in home
  • Politely greeting guest at door
  • Recall
  • Counter Surfing
  • Pull free walking
  • Off-leash training

Group Class – Pawrate

Prerequisites required to join this program.

This Program includes

  • Group Class with well behaved dogs
  • Structure obedience with belt ranking system
  • Community
  • Focused obedience
  • socialization
  • Off-leash training in controlled environment
  • Off-leash play groups
  • Group pack walks and day outings
  • CPR and First Aid

Veterinary Visits

Phone consultation required. Appointments at veterinary clinics with our trainer that will ensure all procedures are given without, no bitting, and compliance without the need for sedation.

  • Routine medical care for hard to handle dogs
  • Drug free
  • Stress and fear free
  • Pick up / Drop off available

About Us

All American K9 Academy specializes in all-breed dog and puppy training. We strive to provide owners with the training they need to overcome any obstacles the real world may throw at them. We offer in-home basic obedience, group classes, and puppy training but we specialize in aggressive behavior modification. ​Schedule an appointment today and you’ll see results the same day!