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Our Focus Is Aggressive And Reactive K9's

Aggression Behavior Modification

There are several different types of dog aggression, which is why it is important to determine the root cause of your dog’s behavior.

The term “aggression” is often somewhat misplaced, as these dogs are often acting in a defensive manner. They’re trying to clear space between themselves and a perceived threat or discomfort, whether it’s something frightening or a risk to their resources.

A few of the most common triggers for aggressive dogs include:

Fear: Fight or flight is the most basic instinct in humans and dogs alike. When your dog is scared, they’ll likely try to flee the situation, but if forced to interact with a threatening trigger, the dog may feel the need to defend itself. Fear is one of the most common causes of aggression, and it results in countless unnecessary bites.


Anxiety: Anxiety is closely related to fear, both emotions can trigger aggression. Anxiety is often a more general emotion that sticks with dogs whether or not a trigger is present; fear, on the other hand, is almost always caused by a tangible entity — something you can point at. But ultimately, the result is the same as when dogs feel fear.


Resource Guarding: Some dogs feel insecure about items of high value, such as food, bones, or toys. These dogs may act out rather explosively if they feel as though you or another dog may steal their treasured items. This dangerous behavior can lead to growling, snapping, or even attacking those thought to be threatening the object.


All American K9 Academy SPECIALIZES in aggressive dogs. If you have a dog that shows any type of aggression, we train you, the owner, to fix it in matter of a short few training sessions. This program is designed  specifically for your needs in your situation. One of our certified trainers will come to your house to take control of this behavior by:

  • Building structure into the household
  • Consistent training techniques across all members of household
  • Learn the signs of aggression and how to control it before an outburst or a bite. 
  • Properly communicate with your dog with hands on technique supervised by instructors
  • Build confidence in dog and trust in owners
We have had many clients who have gone to other training programs that have not worked. This is their last stop. AAK9 fixes all aspects of aggression and gives structure for the rest of the dogs life!



Veterinary Visits

Welcome to S.T.R.I.D.E., the groundbreaking program exclusively designed for reactive dogs. Our comprehensive 4-week training program focuses on teaching dogs right from wrong with precise timing, providing you with the essential tools to effectively manage and control your reactive dog’s behavior. With a strong emphasis on timing and differentiation between desirable and undesirable behaviors, we go beyond traditional obedience training to address the specific needs of reactive dogs. Utilizing  clear communication and guidance, our experienced trainers ensure your dog’s comfort throughout the training process. Join our group-based training program and benefit from a supportive community of dedicated owners, all working towards gaining full leash control for their reactive dogs. Unlock the potential within your beloved companion and say goodbye to frustrating walks, as we guide you towards a harmonious relationship in just four weeks.

In this program our trainers come to your home and train the entire family how to control your dog’s behavior when displaying many common household problems. Including but not limited to:


  • Jumping at guests
  • Counter surfings
  • Digging in yard
  • Going through trash
  • Resource guarding
  • Staying in yards
  • Coming when called
These types of behavior CANNOT be fixed by sending your dog away for training. These are issues that you and your family needs to learn about and outsourcing your communication with your dog will not help. instead.. apply today and learn how to take control today!

For many owners, going to a regular vet visit can be extremely difficult. When it’s time to go to the vet or you need to bring your dog in for an emergency but there’s a problem that your dog acts out, not allowing the doctor to get near the dog. They can’t be examined or in most cases even touched. Sound like your dog? .

  • Our trainers will  assist the doctor at the office or come to your home, pick up your dog transport to the vet visit for you and bring your furry friend home happy and health and without having to be drugged prior to visit.
  • Our trainers handle all dogs humanely, safely and transport all dogs in clean and secure crates. Our trainers have experience with all levels of aggression.
  • Your dog is guaranteed to complete the vet visit unharmed and with minimal stress creating a more relaxing experience.