About Us​

All American K9 Academy is a premier destination for all-breed dog, dedicated to equipping owners with the skills necessary to conquer challenges encountered in real-world situations. Our specialized programs are designed to address and transform undesired behaviors, providing effective and lasting solutions. Schedule an appointment with us today and experience immediate results that will positively impact your dog’s life from the very first day of training. Trust in our professional approach to unleash the full potential of your canine companion.

Our Trainers

Facility Trainers:


Trainer - Hannah Saunders

Hannah is the lead trainer at All American K9 Academy. With over 10 years of experience training and handling dogs along with experience working in dog rescues, she believes the key to dog training is clear communication. She is a certified AAK9 evaluator, AAK9 handler, AAK9 trainer, and AAK9 group trainer. She is also certified in pet CPR and First Aid. Hannah is a second-degree black belt/instructor in Tae Kwon Do and has several years of experience teaching children and adults.

Trainer - La'Raine Langford

Rain is one of the trainers of All American K9 Inc. She has several years of experience training dogs with All American K9 Academy and she specializes in group training classes. She has a third-degree black belt/instructor in the arts of Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu.

She also has a bachelor’s degree in both Criminal Justice and Psychology and is certified to teach Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid and AED. She is currently certified in pet CPR and First Aid. She has a passion for learning and teaching and has been teaching for over 10 years.


Trainers - Emily & Rachel Ducharme

Emily and Rachel aka “The Twins” are both trainers at AAK9. They started as students in the Pawrate program 4 years ago with their dogs Stella, Oreo, and Chip and have completed the program with all three dogs, and went on to train two of them to be therapy dogs. They then continued their education as trainers at AAK9 to help other dog owners like themselves. Emily and Rachel specialize in group training classes. 

They each have a bachelor’s degree in both Education and Psychology, as well as a master’s degree in Special Education.

They are both certified AAK9 trainers and AAK9 group trainers. They are also certified in pet CPR and First Aid.

Master Jin Oh

Moon Moo Kwan Master

All American K9 Academy Inc Owner

Meet the owner! The Life behind Pawrate!

Master Oh was born in January 14th 1971 Pusan South Korea. His father was Master sergeant in Marine Corp in Korea and he took Korean war and Vietnam war as U.S marine. He was always strict to me since I was born and until now. When he was 3 years old, his father decided to retire and moved the family to Seoul Korea in 1974.

When he was in 5th or 6th grade he practiced Sip Pal Ki (Korean old military Martial Arts) under the guidance of Master (Young Soo Park 7th degree black belt Sip Pal Ki). After he achieved his 2nd degree Black belt, he started to get more interested in Martial Arts and began more intense practice, making his way to Taekwondo as well.